Week 3 Lecture

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Family Relations and Human Development
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FRHD 2110
Michelle Preyde

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Week 3Risk Factorsy Biological andor environmental causes of potential adverse outcomes y Etiology o The signs or studies of causes of disease or abnormal conditions y ConsequencesRisk y Established riskwell known o Genetic chromosomal hereditary o Eg Down syndrome we know the cause and it is specificy Biological risk o Infections intoxicants nutrition accidents o Eg fetal alcohol syndrome y Environmental risk o Life experiences family dynamics poverty culturallinguistic differenceso Family dynamicswhats happening in the family not how the family is structuredHereditary Influences on Development y Behavioural geneticsscientific study of how genotype interacts with environment to determine attributes y Heritabilityamount of variability in a trait that is attributable to hereditary factors y Selective breeding and family studies are 2 methods to specify the heritability of various attributes GenesEnvironment Estimates y Concordance ratespercentage of cases in which a particular attribute is present for both members of a pair y Heritability coefficienta numerical estimate range 00 10 of the amount of variation in an attribute that is due to hereditary factorsEnvironmental Influencesy Nonshared environmentalinfluences that people living together do not share should make individuals different from each other y Shared environmentalinfluences that people living together share that should make individuals similar to each otherHeredity and Environmenty Canalizationcases where geneslimit development to a small number of outcomes y Genotypeenvironmentgenes may influence the kinds of environments people experience passive evocative active y Heritable attributes influence others behaviour towards the childy Genotype the child has influences the types of environments that the child seeks y Range of reactiongenotype sets limits on range of possible phenotypes Prevention y Primaryo Eg Vaccinations fluoride in the watertoothpastes Vit D added to milk y Secondary o Try to decrease severity from risk of failing o Eg Home visiting programs for pregnant women
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