Ethics in Research

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Family Relations and Human Development
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FRHD 3070
John Dwyer

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Ethics in Research What is ethics?  The area of moral values  Historical background: scientists in Nazi Germany (WW2) o Immerse the prisoners in freezing water to see how long they would last, all for research, “done to advance science”  Nuremberg Trial, scientists need to acquire form consent Cases of ethical controversy Tuskegee syphilis study - ‘Bad blood’ study - Natural course of syphilis o Given free treatment, fee meals, when they die money would be given to their families - Penicillin (1940s) - Infected not treated Milgrams obedience study - Obey authority - Teacher vs. pupil - Electric shock Tearoom Trade Study (Humphrey, 1975) - Public restroom used as a meeting place for homosexual encounters - “Watch queen” - License #s, wrote down their license plate number. - Got to their home address and pretended to do a Health survey What are the risks and benefits? - No form consent - Blackmail, wreck their marriage Sources to Guide Ethical Thinking - Intuition: gut feeling, ‘doesn’t seem right’ - Kn
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