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Lecture 1

FRHD 2260 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Nanny, Hand Washing

Family Relations and Human Development
Course Code
FRHD 2260
Susan Chuang

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Infant Development
Caregiving and educating: Philosophy and practice
values: beliefs of a person or social group in which we have an emotional investment
(either or against)
philosophy: the investigation of knowledge and being; the perspectives and values
that underpin practice
Examining your beliefs and values:
parents and families:
how your perceive the parental role and parental choices
the respect you have for young children and their families
how you perceive the adults role in parenting, caregiving, and educating infants and
societal expectations:
what society wants for its children
how society values life and the rights of the child
how society accommodates the diverse abilities of children
what environment society considers appropriate for young children
Personal knowledge/beliefs:
what your believe about the child as a separate person
how you view power and control or empowerment and freedom
how you perceive the future
how you understand the process of change through life
what your believe about why children exist and the purpose of life
Caregiver role:
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