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Lecture 14

[Oct 25] Lecture 14

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HIST 1250
S Lachapelle

HIST 1250 October 25, 2012 (14) Modernization of Cities - In the 19 century the spaces in cities are going to change drastically - Cities are being built without any planning - Streets are very narrow - There is garbage all over the streets and the rivers were extremely polluted - A big problem was how to get rid of human an animal waste and bring in fresh water - People through their waste on the streets and wait for it to decompose or be washed away from rain - There are dead horses all over the streets - Diseases spread across the cities and there are huge epidemics at various times Paris Renovations (1853-1870) - Officials in Paris take a lead in renovating the city with waste deposal systems - Napoleon did this with Baron Haussmann, a city planner - Buildings from the middle ages are completely destroyed and rebuilt - Construct large boulevards in a geometric pattern - They give better access to train stations,
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