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University of Guelph
HIST 1250
Sofie Lachapelle

Naturalists were working very hard with acclimitization. Things were moving around. Electricity, gas lighting… Modernization of cities The towns were growing. Paris has no real organisation and was not seen in map. Human and animal produced wastes. There was contamination of water and pollution. Contamination of water was the major issue of the health problems. Wastes were dumped in the streets. There was minimal cleaning. Dead horses in the streets were a big problem. There were epidemics during this period. The Europeans were deburning their ships when the symptoms were seen. Barcelona was the modern epidemics. Cholera and yellow fever were spread. Michael Faraday was an important physicist in the 19 century. Paris Renovations Napoleon-III came to the power in1853-1870(France’s 2 ruling period) Baron houssman was the civil constructor. Napoleon tries to modernize the city. They constructed large boulevards. It was geometrically organised. It was logically well organised. Washington was built on the concept of Paris. Safer streets were constructed, better traffic flow, better access to train stations. It is easier to manouver Paris today pic: 1 floor-all stores, 2 floor-place for habitants. Doctors began to study and understand the city. Food and water were often contaminated. Acampaign was held with the notion “Diseases can be prevented rather than getting cured”. Most crowded-more are the diseases and higher the mortality rate. Bad air and bad smell were the causes of diseases. The idea of the renovations is to get rid of the bad smells. The purpose of building sewers is to prevent the diseases. The sewers be
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