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Lecture 15

[Oct 30] Lecture 15

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HIST 1250
S Lachapelle

HIST 1250 October 30, 2012 (15) Midterm - Material from Scientific Revolution to today - Pay attention to scientific revolution (was there one? Why or why not?) - Industrialization and the modernization of cities - Science as a global phenomenon (after 1750, the modern era) Cinema - Science play a really important role in how cinema comes out - In 1882 a camera come out that can take 12 picture per second, later evolves to take 150 pictures per second - In 1893 Thomas Edison invents the kinetograph to take videos for movies - He doesn’t do a good job patenting his inventions so many others great their own - By 1895 the first paid showing of a movie is shown by Georges Melies - In the early 20 century most movies are made by magicians - Melies makes over 400 films and opens an office in New York - Early film is dominated by the French - By 1905 there are two new players in film, Melies is only interested in making projectors - Magic shows used to be big business, but taken over by the film industry - In the 1920s Hollywood takes over as the center for cinema Imperialism and Exploitation - Europeans used Western Africa to bring slaves to Europe - But Europeans have not travelled to central Africa - It is very dangerous and there are many diseases the Europeans are not immune to - 75% of Europeans who travel inland die within a few days - The biggest killer is malaria - Quinine is found to be able to cure malaria if used early enough New Imperialism (1870-1914) - New sanitation systems
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