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HIST 1250
Sofie Lachapelle

th By the 17 century, Europeans were usingAristotle principles. Aristotle classified the animals as blooded animals, bloodless animals and quadrupeds. Quadrupeds were 4 feet short animals. In the middle ages,scholars used theAristotle classfications by making some changes. Mythological tradition. John ray says that distinction between bloodless and blooded animals is the blood and also the birth of the animals from the eggs. Carolus linneaus was the father of classification of animals, plants. He is physician. Systema naturae was the starting point of modern zoology. The last edition was in 1766. His system is based on sexual characteristics of plants. He divided his animals into 6 categories. He called the mammals mammlas because he want the word to be short, which can be easily spelled. Women of the upper class donot breast feed. There were cases of alcoholism and feeding. Campaigns rose to ask the upper class women to start breast feeding. 6 years before he introduced the term mammal, he opposed nursing. Linneaus was considered as the father of the modern zoology. Mining and fossils What are the fossils? Species has become extent and changes were evolved? According to book of genesis,earth was formed 400 years ago and god has created it. It is possible to change the species to have particular characteristics. France was dominating . Comte de buffon Director of king’s garden. The garden has increased under his leadership. Questions of acclimitization,classification became part of this tradition. Linneaus tried to found god in nature. The barrier between any two species is the barrier between reproduction. He speaks about the devolvement of the animals which is known as degeneration. He tells that the earth was formed from a comet. 75,000years old. Under his direction garden has become more important. 1789 french revolution started. 1793, it became the museum of natural history. Gallery of geology,paleonthalogy,anatomy were open. They opened the zoological garden in 1794. One of the directors of the museum was j
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