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HIST 2100
Alan Gordon

HIST 2100 Lecture 2 9/15/2012 9:15:00 AM First Nations Before 1500 1. Origins of the Native Peoples – the ice age and the spread of peoples, the Mound Builders and Mississippians - enormous amount of diversity - prevailing theory is that the natives travelled over from Asia - speculating around 20-30 thousand years ago - some evidence to support human occupation - in Chile, evidence of humans 12,500 years ago - use radio carbon dating (bone with pattern marks) - the ice age 20,000 years ago reached its max extent and began to retreat/ changed the way land looks - by 12000 most of Canada was occupied by humans - natives say they have been here since earth was formed and is literal b/c earth was changing when they arrived - years ago there were Mound Builders - we don’t know why they built mounds; burials? Ceremony? Effigy Snake Mounds? - to do this they had to be sedentary - Mississippians based around agricultural settlements - enormous influence on Algonkian/Iroquoian people 2. Diversity of the Native People – coastal people, plains people, plateau people, arctic and subarctic peoples - natives are categorized by language, culture and geography - Coastal people had the most sophisticated complex social hierarchy from slaves to kings - coastal people are built around the sea - system of wealth distribution called potluck (much like social welfare) - East Plains People were misinterpreted by the Europeans and led to the traditional Hollywood image of natives - plains was a crossroad area - communal bands get together to join in communal hunting - rely on buffalo, pound/hunting/jumps - when horses came along, it helped their hunting considerably - tells us natives could adapt to new circumstances quickly - Plateau ppl lived similar to the plains, economy built around small fishing bands - Arctic and Subarctic people are migratory because resources are scarce - Inuit are the most recent of all natives to America 3. Eastern Woodland Peoples – Algonkians (MiKmaq, Algonquians, Ojibwa, Cree), Montagnais, Iroquoians (Huron, Erie, Neutral and Iroquois) - Eastern Woodland people experienced the most significant and first contact with the Europeans - Algonkians
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