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University of Guelph
HIST 3020
Caitlin Holton

HIST*3020 Sexuality and gender in history January 28: Becoming men in Pre-modern Britain - Learning to Behave from Boy to Manhood What does it mean to be a man? Discussion Bill burr PhilAllen Timelines and life stages are not experienced the same way by women and men How do we learn to behave? Formal and informal structures, peers, media, Image depicts the different behaviours expected of different groups (master of the Dresdan prayer book) People at the top of the hierarchy are the ones who determine behaviour and clothing trends *masculinities model hegemony Three orders of medieval society C. 1000 Oratores (culturally dominant), bellatores (culturally dominant), laboratores ----Dubys article 'Outwards and downwards' England-1086-~2 million (Domesday book) 5 mill 1377-2,5 mill (poll tax records) 1300 london: 40 000 1650- 4.5 mill Wales 15th century- 200000 1650s 400000 Scotland 16th 500000 1650s 1 mill Orders of medieval society Oratores - those who prayed C. 1000- mid 1500s Village priests to monks to archbishops Lathey deriving from the lower aristocracy and above Opportunity for social advancement Church held .25 of lands in British isles Medieval universities Cambridge, Oxford, St. Andrews, Glasgow,Aberdeen Only open to boys and men Homosexual environment (primary socialization was male) -Logic and restraint because it separated men from animals and women -violence and Sexual activity (prostitutes mostly) 1530s dissolution of monasteries in England and wales 1560 monasteries secularized in Scotland End of clerical celibacy End of a distinct ecclesiastical model Universities started to play a higher role Bellatores - those who fought Central to medieval politics, economics, religion and culture The knight as an ideal model Structured path of apprenticeship “It behoves every man....master who is a knight” (Book of Chivalry) Chivalric mentality developed through tales and stories Knight in warfare >> medieval tournaments>> early modern duels -masculine identity predicted on aggressive violence, competition, honour Talking about the stuff surrounding warfare acted as virtual reality for listeners at the time.. What would they do? Laboratores C. 1000-1350 Vas
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