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HIST 3020
Caitlin Holton

HIST*3020 Sexuality and gender in history- February 4- Interactions Between andAcross Genders Definitions Relationships between men -the lord and the vassal -the brothers-in-arms -the friend Relationships between men and women -feudal marriage -courtly love and heterosexual culture -primary source (Edward 3 and the countess of Salisbury) Patriarchy (narrow sense)-system deriving from Greek and roman law, complete control over dependent females and makes in the household Lerner, the creation of patriarchy - 'the manifestation and institutionalization of male dominance over women and children in the family and the extension of male dominance over women in society in general. It implies that “men hold power in all the important institutions of society” and that “women are deprived of access to such power”. However, it does not imply that “women are either totally powerless or totally deprived of rights, influence, and resources’ Andocentric- consciously (today)/ unconsciously (period we're studying) -in class, looking at men as men and what this means Heterosexual culture- primary pairings in society; not universal, has a history and historical context; practice Homosocial culture- sociosexual context- what relationships are considered central to society's well orderedness Homoerotic- idea of same sex friendships based on close intimacy that leads to physical intimacy; not associated with a specific group or identity; possibility of desire without consummation, more expansive feel of relationships, better understanding of relationships between people of the same sex Relationships and their significance changes overtime Between men and men- homosocial context makes some of the complexities more obvious -in reference to the elite models, were acting out their status in a male dominated sector -physicality, not the intent* today -relationships highlight the similarities between those of the past and those today Kissing in the MiddleAges -the physical kiss...when a guest is received (Aelred of Rievaulx) David and Jonathan c 1300 First Samuel 18:3-4 'then Jonathan and David made a covenant' Samuel 1:27 'David your love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women' Lord-vassal relationship The Lord: offers protection, support and income The vassal: provides loyalty, military service and counsel Performance of homage and oath of fealty Personal and performative Relationship between those two, but also between them and their community The Bruce-Anglo Scottish wars of independence Central relationship between James Douglas and Robert the Bruce -psychological obligations -devastation when Bruce dies Brothers in arms Biblical- David and Jonathan Literary- Roland and Oliver, ami and amile, Lancelot and gale hot Adoptive kinship based on sworn covenant Proliferated during the 14 and 15 century, but appear with less frequency before Highly emotional? - Neville and clamvowe -- relationship came to a close, inconsolable, his brother at arms 'died of a broken heart' (what does their kiss mean?) -shields are impaled shield, usually found in marriages Edward II & Pierce- said to call him 'brother'.. Physical? Sodomy 'never heard one man so love another... We don't usually hear about what went beyond usual' One heart, one soul: friendship according to Rievaulx -loud voice on medieval friendship II. 10, 11.18 'With its sweetness, foundation for all the vurtues...grieve in sadness' 'In friendship indeed...holy, unforced and genuine' T- the history of heterosexual culture is more brief than we think Plato- the love between men is pure Do we read between the lines or just take what we know? Between men and women- Marriage in feudal society -primary tie between a man and
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