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HIST 3020
Caitlin Holton

March 25 1. context and definitions a. a challenge of studying boundary blurring in the pre-modern period is the source material b. most of what we know about sexuality was written by those who were barred from participating (religious figures) c. almost no sources of those participating in the sexual act and how these people felt about themselves or saw themselves d. most of the sources treat these people as problems to solve, things to understand e. these figures work as a plot device and not an actual character f. performative gender, hegemonic and subordinate gender, concepts of patriarchy, heterosexual culture g. hermaphrodite i. modern medical definition: an individual in which both male and female sex organs are rpesent or in which ethe sex organs contain both ovarian and testicular cells ii. premodern definition adds non genital traits like personality, presentation, breasts, facial, or body hair, voice register iii. hermaphrodites, child of hermes and aphrodite h. queer i. getting medieval is a part of a queer historical impulsive, an impulse toward making connections across tieme between, on the one hand, lives, texts, and other cultural phenomena left out of sexual categories back the and those left out of current sexual categories now ii. any nonnormative behaviour, relationship or identity occurring at a 2. pre-modern scientific models a. laqueurs one sex model i. American historian born in 1945 th ii. Since the 18 century, it has been that there are two, stable, incommensurable, oopposite sexes and that the political, economic, and cultural lives of men and women, their gender roles, are somehow based on these facts iii. Encompasses a range of theories framing male and female as different expressions of one model/one sex iv. What we see as male and female are just different orientations of the same sexual organs v. Dominant pre-modern medical view was that men were more perfect expressions ofthis one sex whereas women were flawed
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