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Katie Mc Cullough

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Working class youth between the wars Part 1: the industrial decline and education 1. the great war 14-18 a. almost full employment b. some benefits being provided to help families c. 1% ish are unemployed d. women went to work, were employeed in some dangerous occupations, domestic jobs e. men are paid more f. by 1918, women working has raised from 3 milln to 5 mill g. opportunities for paid overtime h. individual family incomes rose i. children has more opportunities to work; daughters worked outside the domestic service 2. government benefits in WWI a. rent control b. better nutrition overall due to larger incomes c. some health improvements d. lower infant mortality rates e. 1915—rent control law f. 1917—rationing food and price control laws g. allowances for children that lost their fathers h. charity steps in; feeding groups, giving out clothing, i. children leave school early to join the workforce j. in 1918, you have to attend school til your 15 k. compulsory school for 14-18 for children in work l. advanced courses are offered for those who have talent in higher education m. government introduces 200 state university scholarships; they find better teacher training, teaching becomes more like it is today n. grammar school system o. 11+ exa
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