HROB 3030 Lecture 1: HROB 3030 – week 1 (chpt. 1&2)

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University of Guelph
Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
HROB 3030
Rhonda Gordon

HROB 3030 week 1 Chapter 1 Introduction Workplace injuries Over 1000 workers die yearly because of workplace accidents About 308,000 suffer injury serious enough to warrant missing time from work (lost time injury) More than half of workplace fatalities are attributed to occupational diseases o Asbestos effects accounts for most of these deaths What is OHS? Occupational health and safety o Hazards range from chemical, biological and physical agents to psychological disorders such as stress Goal of OHS departments o Is to reduceeliminate occupational injury and illness Occupational illness o Any abnormal condition or disorder caused by exposure to environmental factors associated with employment Losttime injury o Workplace injury that results in employee missing time from work Historical development of OHS Began in Ancient Egypt o Stonemasons and potters experienced respiratory problems Industrial revolution o Brown lung disease caused by excessive inhalation of dust Late 19 century o Ontario legislation established safety standards (machine guards) th Early 20 century o Canada passed factory laws to regulate heating, lighting, ventilation, hygiene, fire safety, and accident reporting Royal Commission on relations of capital and labour in Canada 1889 commissioners made several recommendations o improving health and safety by establishing standards and mandating regular inspections o systems for compensating victims of industrial accidents, regardless of who was at fault o labour bureau to be created to oversee these activities this had an important influence on the development of OHS regulations
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