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Matthew Demers

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1 Assignment #2 Math*2270, Fall 2012 Due Monday, October 1 in class Instructions: ▯ Ensure that your name and ID Number are clearly printed on the front page. ▯ You are encouraged to work with your friends to complete the assignment, but please write up your ▯nal solutions on your own. ▯ Submit your assignment in class on or before the due date. ▯ This assignment carries a weight of 4% of your ▯nal grade. Late submissions will be given a zero. 1. Consider the IVP ▯ ▯ 0 1 x y + ▯ 2 y = 1; x > 0 x x + 4 y(1) = 0: a) State which variables are dependent and independent for this problem. b) State the order of the DE and whether it is linear or nonlinear. c) Find the solution to the IVP by ▯n
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