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Lecture 4

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MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

Music and Popular Culture Lecture NotesstLecture 4 January 31 2012Rise of Rock and Roll contdThe second red scare occurred in the United States in the 1940s and split up the world ideologies It was the democracies of the West versus the communists of the EastAt this point the CIA was created in 1947 to observe communist states There was fear of soviet testing of nuclear weaponry and a fear of imminentcommunist takeover The strong conviction of inevitable nuclear strikes resulted in extreme paranoia and fearThere was a sweep of anticommunism across the United States during this time Communist purges amongst entertainers teachers and lawyers occurred in order to restrict influence on societyThe FBI investigated loyalty of suspected communists through illegal wiretaps breaking and entering and checking mail a federal offenceSuspected persons would be fired from their current employment blacklisted from their respective industry and were refused passport privileges could not leave yet could not make a livingThe main music over all of the paranoia and fear was rock and rollRock and roll was considered a release an escape from reality about sex drinking and women No songs were political at this pointIn 1952 a show called American Band Stand began to air on television becoming a mainstream show in 1957This show was essentially a dance party for teens and was utilized to publicize rock and roll in a safe way Rock and roll featured on this show was safe and familiar and was dissociated from its sexual natureLive acts were more or less lip synchs over records being played in the backgroundA lot of artists were featured based on looks alone and not talent Instead of hiring live bands the show used prerecordings and disksThis mentality spread to clubs and theatres leading to the rise of discothquesPromoted dances on the show included the twist the foxtrot the fly and the peppermint twist These dances were all conservative with no sexual tendencies no contact between partners and could all be performed soloThe First Folk RevivalLate baby boomer began looking for other musical genres to listen to
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