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MUSC 2150 Lecture Notes - Rod Stewart, John Landis, Poodle Skirt

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MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

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Week 12
MIDI: was a huge development in music
In 1985 there was a shift to compact discs
Synthesizers in the beginning were big and expensive; MIDI helped make them smaller and inexpensive
Early 80’s Music
-In the early 80’s synthesizers were hugely popular
-Madonna and Michael Jackson were the head of mainstream music in the 80’s
-New wave punk came from punk music, and became mainstream.
+The Police - don’t stand so close to me : song has a literary reference to LOLITA. And the criminal
Nabakov (kidnapped a girl and made her perform sexual favors for privileges)
Socially conscious lyrics, a real social issue
-new wave in the 80s can be socially conscious and have meaningful lyrics
Police, prince, modonna, michael Jackson are the most popular of the 80’s
Heavy metal has simple lyrics and virtuosic musicians. ( i.e motley crue)
Metallica was the most popular band and tried to copyright the minor second interval, also had very
intelligent lyrical content +Metallica- one.
-By the late 80’s 30% of blacks were unemployed which is double that of whites racial inequality remains
- racial profiling was prominent in 1988-1990 during a gang thing or riot, police only arrested Hispanics
and blacks
-rodney king was beat by police and tasered officers were charged with use of excessive force
-operation hammer and Rodney kind, led to resentment against the police by affrican americans. Fueling
rap music
-rap became socially concscious, about the struggle of growing up in the ghetto.
-gangsta rap came out of this as well. +grandmaster flash- the message is considered early rap
Funk went into rap music and hip hop.
-groove is being maintained from
-run dmc rock box sound comes from blues based rock. Groove is boring
Mainstream rapi s fluffy light lyrics, rock music broadens appeal
Nwa- fuck the police = gangsta rap is socially conscious rap.
-Cable tv let mtv rise to the forefront of specialty channels
-Mtv is owned by warner, it was the first ever 24/h music station
-Mtv is aimed at a specific demographic and most of the acts shown were white, black artists were only
featured at odd times like 2am
-early mtv featured rod stewart
Mtv was known for objectifying women, making them eye candy i.e dancers. Madonna exasperated this
Michael Jackson/ Thriller video
-Michael Jackson helped break the mtv barriers with his thriller album
- Also increased the standards for music videos
-+Michael Jackson- Thriller was released in 1983, the video was successful because of its integration of
zombies and werewolf’s which was popular at the time. Director John Landis directed an American
werewolf in London (good horror flic director)
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