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Nutrition Week 10

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University of Guelph
NUTR 1010

Nutrients Involved in Blood Health Week 10March 19 2012Folate latin for foliageWatersoluble B vitaminRDA for men and women 19 y is 400 gd Folic acid is the active form of folateNaturallyoccurring food folate converted to folic acid in the bodyWe also consume folic acid o In supplements o In Fortified foods eg grain productsWe absorb almost 100 of folic acid but only 50 folate Functions of folic acid active form of folatePlays a role in DNA synthesis o Important in new cell and tissue formationo Critical during first few weeks of pregnancy With vitamin B6 and B12 maintains normal homocysteine levels o Homocysteine amino acid with increases blood coagulation and LDL oxidationo 10 of risk of developing cardio vascular disease due too hyperhomocysteinemiaWhat happens if we consume too much folate or folic acidNo problems w consuming too much folate naturallyoccurring formToo much folic acid can mask vitamin B12 deficiency more on this next class o Because of this Upper Level for folic acid 1000 gday What happens if we consume too little folateCannot produce folic acid Results o Impaired DNA synthesis and cell division leading to macrocytic anemic and possibly neutral tube defects o Increases homocystein levelsMacrocytic anemiaSigns and symptoms o Tired pale o Headache irritable o Dizzy week o Loss of appetite weight loss Good news reversible o Folic acid supplementsAt risk for macrocytic anemiaInfantso Prematureo Those fed goats milk very low in folateElderly
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