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PHIL 1050
Paul Raymont

Philosophy Sept. 21  The Thinking Substance  External Objects cause thought  Color Arrangement  Primary/Secondary Qualities  1 vs. 2 Modalities  Molyneux’s Problem When Descartes thinks of his mind without a body. He means, think of yourself as a subject who’s having these theories and thoughts but does not know what the thing who’s doing the thinking is made of. He notices the concept of “I” does not present itself as being made of physical material; it doesn’t represent any kind of substance. Something John Locke does distinguish between primary and secondary qualities. Underlying theory of perception – representational model of perception This means that information from the object goes to the subject. The eyes pick up on the object from the light then the brain sees it, thinks, and comes up with an idea. The object outside you causes ideas to arise in your mind. When he uses the term “idea” he says he means “perception, thought and understanding connect you to an idea in your own mind”. The after image that you see when you close your eyes with a TV on, Locke says is an idea, but doesn’t represent a real external object. What your immediately aware of must have already been in your mind. Your brain will make the assumption that occurs when there is gap in your brain where you don’t get information. You just have to hope the external object corresponds with he language you have. The color that your aware of when you look at something is an arrangement of physical characteristics that reflects light in the human eye. Secondary quality – is cau
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