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POLS2000 - Crito Lecture

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Political Science
POLS 2000
Frank Cameron

Pols 2000 Lesson 3 Sept.20/2012 Positive Law: Man made laws Natural Law: the law of nature, binding rules of moral behaviour Crito • Issue is it just for Socrates to escape prison, fleeAthens? • Dialogue between Socrates and Crito • Conversation between Crito and Socrates, where Crito attempts to have Socrates escape prison with him. This is a private speech between friends, these two were part of the same dique in Athens. Crito is a wealthy friend of Socrates. • This conversation is written by Plato, who was not a part of the conversation. • Who are most likely to listen to Socrates and do what he says? The many as opposed to the few • Socrates deals with the many and the few • If Crito was a good friend of Socrates he would know that Socrates caters to the ‘few’, not the ‘many’ • Crito while a good friend od Socrates is simply one of ‘the many’to Socrates/ • In theApology, Socrates says he would disboyAthenian law if it went against his God. • But in Crito, he state he will obey withAthenian law • Crito shows up in the morning, Socrates is having a dream, in this dream there is a god which says the ship will not show up that day, but the following day. • Crito, when saying he will buy Socrates freedom, could be self interested. • He does not want to get a reputation amongst the “many”. • Socrates says that this reputation does not matter because it is one held by the ‘many’. He says the only opinions that matter are th
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