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POLS 3000
Ian Spears

POLS 3000 September 26 2013 September 26 2013 POLS 3000 Politics of Africa Africa’s Historical Evolution **Mid term Tuesday October 15** Jeffery Herbst’s, State and Power in Africa Basil Davidsons, Black Man’s Burden One of the complaints often made is that pre-colonial history is often over looked. Other than Liberia (for all intense and purposes was colonized by USA) and Ethiopia (arguably one of the oldest countries in the world going back to biblical times) all of Africa was colonized by the end of the 19 century. Colonial Africa- the colonizers: Belgium, Britain, France, Germany Portugal, Spain, Italy European colonization of Africa Colonialism refers to the policy of conquering, controlling, dominating, and/or settling a territory by a distant state. - Colonization was not simultaneous - The period in which Africa under went formal colonization was relatively late o Sub Sahara Africa was the last region to be dominated by Europeans Notable notes about Africa’s colonization th 1) Most of Latin America colonthed by end of 16 century and gained independence by early 19 century - Example: Brazil 1822 Africa’s formal colonization did not begin until late 19 century during the “scramble for Africa” — about 50 years after colonization in Latin America had ended. 2) While colonization in Latin America lasted often over 250 years, colonization in Africa was less than a third of that. Africa’s colonization lasted a relatively short 76 years By the year 2036 Africa will have been free of colonialism longer than it was colonized 3) While the effects of colonialism were and are significant, the colonial experience varied widely from colony to colony Colonialism: (sweeping statement) is distractive universally Colonial presence in Somalia was relatively small; in Congo and Portuguese Africa (mostly places like Angola and Mozambique) it was profound. Prior to colonialism Africa’s most able men and women were sold (slave trade). - 15 million people taken from continent ^In that sense colonialism was terribly destructive but also protected some groups 4) Not all of the colonizers of Africa were Europeans. Some were African. For example: Ethiopia was and is regarded by some as a colonizing power. 5) The impact of Europe (and colonization) meant different things to different people. The European edge over Africa 1 POLS 3000 September 26 20
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