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Lecture 7

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Political Science
POLS 3130
Dennis Baker

UNIT 2Supreme Court consists of a Chief justice and 8 puisne judges Judges are appointed by the governor general Judges are promoted from the superior courts S96 or you have to be a barrister for at least 10 years They are all appellate judges before they can become a Supreme Court judge Go over the legislation of the Supreme Court httplawsloisjusticegccaengactsS26indexhtml Rules for the Judges httplawsloisjusticegccaengactsS26page2htmlh4Main link for the Supreme Court of Canada httpwwwscccscgccaarlrindexengaspSCC is mainly an appellate courtSCC has original jurisdiction over reference cases from the Federal governmentDocket control allows SCC to control their agendaAppeal by rightYou get to the SCC no matter what SCC thinks of your case Such cases include cases in Criminal law where an acquittal is over turned or where the judge of court of appeal dissented on the question of law Appeals with leave of Supreme Court 40 1 Subject to subsection 3 an appeal lies to the Supreme Court from any final or other judgment of the Federal Court of Appeal or of the highest court of final resort in a province or a judge thereof in which judgment can be had in the particular case sought to be appealed to the Supreme Court whether or not leave to appeal to the Supreme Court has been refused by any other court where with respect to the particular case sought to be appealed the Supreme Court is of the opinion that any question involved therein is by reason of its public importance or the importance of any issue of law or any issue of mixed
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