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Political Science
POLS 3490
Ian Spears

October 24 2013 POLS 3490 POLS 3490 October 24 2013 Conflict and Conflict Resolution Responsibility to protect: evolution of state interference; international relations - Under R2P, the principle obligation rests first with the states; that is, the sates themselves have the responsibility to protect civilians. When they are unwilling or unable, then the international community has a responsibility to do so. - Advocates for R2P: this evolved concept has wide spread and even global support; only countries who reject to abide by these concepts (four countries Google) are uninstructed combination o Virtual consensus by the majority of the international community - Differences of opinion: does intervention (humanitarian, R2P etc.) actually work Intervention: works on the principle that conflict can be addressed in meaningful ways The international community does have a role in stopping conflict, disarming groups, protecting civilians ^ A concern and evidence that intervention itself has perverse effected that do not always lead to a reduction in conflict Libya: both realists and believers have a good case study to make their claim For many intervention in Libya was a success but now that the crises is over and is no longer in the head lines some have questioned its success and deem it a failure Cooperman= challenging the assumed truth that conflicts can be resolved/ that atrocities can be prevented. - he discusses who really started the fighting first and whether or not the intervention was really about protecting civilians - A lot of what he says are drawn down to two things o Risks and problems:  1. Risk of being manipulated by the interveners to suit foreign policy objectives  Less about saving lives and more about outside actors protecting or advancing their own interests regardless of the cost to civilians o The interveners will or can overthrow regimes they do not like o Good reason to believe that R2P is going to be used to advance western interests than protect civilians. Probably difficult to prevent “your” foreign policy from influencing the “humanitarian mission”.  Gadhafi: a thorn in the side of the west, and in many respects for many years he was the most vocal and colorful critic of western policy. He was somewhat unstable and had no trouble trashing American foreign 1 October 24 2013 POLS 3490 policy. Getting rid of him for the United States was a long time foreign policy objective. He was a dictator but  2. Risk of manipulation by local elites to meet their own political agendas  One side against another, and manipulate the suffering of their own people to appeal to the humanitarians of western countries o “Come rescue us”: what happened in Libya.  Cooperman would say that the same thing is going on in Syria right now o Why rebels are so interested in talking to western journalists/ westerners in general o For him there are two consequen
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