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Lecture 9

POLS 4050 Lecture 9: POLS 4050 Critical Comments week 9

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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 4050
Jordi Diez

POLS 4050 – Week 10 The U.S Megan Morrow Professor Jordi Diez March 16, 2017 Shapiro, M. 1994. “The Judicialization of Politics in the United States” International Political Science Review 15(4): 101-12. - I suppose the article does a fine job of discussing the Warren and Burger because Shapiro mentions a source to consult to understand the differences, but I had to look these up previously. I don’t think the average person understands the difference. I think this article does a good job explaining and justifying how unique the U.s is. However, I think the conclusion pages bring up points she swept over throughout the article. As in, I understand the effect gerrymandering has had on U.S elections but Shapiro doesn’t go into depth about things, not that she doesn’t define them but she should state the significance. - Upon reading this article again, I don’t know if I agree that the American legal system is as transparent as the author claims it is. I think Shapiro can justify changes over the 70’s – 90’s lead to everyone being able to have their voices represented in court, but I don’t think representativeness and transparency are the same thing. Also, how can you really claim that everyone is involved in the process of change and everyone’s voices were represented. For example, Butler? - Said differences in gender were social conventions, made all the work of gay men and lesbians who conformed to heteronormative couple/family norms counterproductive, but this in itself, courts can be receptive to public participation but this doesn’t mean that what becomes legislation is the true voice of groups voicing their opinion. Kagan, R. A. (
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