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POLS*4100 Women Justice & Public Policy Lecture Note

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Political Science
POLS 4100
Judith Mc Kenzie

POLS4100 WOMEN JUSTICE AND PUBLIC POLICYWed Jan 1112 A Jury of Her PeersMen and women see life differently women kept finding things the murderer hadnt finishedsaw her life differently Is this still the case Wed Jan 1812GenderBased Analysis Sex is now in the Charter Sex biological differences that distinguish men from womenGender Cultural and social meaning of male and female Behavioural cultural psychological traits associatedGender identity The sense of belonging to a particular sex biologically psychologically and sociallyGender Roles Expectations or prescriptions about behavior and characteristics of men and women especially in relation to or in comparison with each other80s man of their issues legally equality political representation reproductive freedom protection from domestic violence recognized as legitimate citizenship claims which were partially integrated into the mainstream policy agendaRising unemployment inflation and burgeoning government deficits convinced policy networks
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