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Lecture 1

POLS 1400 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Abortion-Rights Movements, Dominant Ideology, Sexting

Political Science
Course Code
POLS 1400
Nanita Mohan

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Politics: What- Anything (ex. freedom)
When- As important as what (ex. Prorogued Parliament)
How- most important, electoral system (ex. First past the post) is
very weak (elections not very democratic)
Who- Everyone
Strategic Voting- Being a green party voter but they will never win, so
you vote for conservatives because the race is between conserv and libs and
you hate libs
Ontario trying to change with proportional representation
Government- set of institutions, any level of parliament and any
institution involved in politics
Ideology- ideas that support economics, politics and social theory
Public Administration- how governments conduct themselves
Bureaucracy- organizations
Politicians- elected officials
Bureaucrats- appointed
Democracy in Canada is taking away peoples freedoms (rep democracy)
Direct Democracy- No voting referendums and surveys and polls
Canadian Referendums- Quebec Separating (unsuccessful)
Deliberate Democracy- citizens discuss
Right and Left wing- becoming outdated
New thing is centrist- left in something, right on other
Political Parties cant have distinct wings anymore or they wont get votes
Democracy- You have to be legitimate to vote in Canada
Socialism -Today: contemporary liberalism, which is the protection of group
rights over individual rights
Classical to contemporary Liberalism (Multicultural)
Scott Burke: refused to print flyers at work because he was
anti-gay. Fired for it and took it to court. Controversy over him having his
rights and those gay people having their rights.
Dominant ideology
Liberally minded though (pro choice, pro same sex marriage
Harper has become a successful leader because with lesser
government intervention comes less promises and he was still able to win a
minority first and eventually majority
Harpers 5 promises:
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