POLS 1500 Lecture Notes - Hypnosis

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10 Apr 2014
Political culture
Culture= shared way of life
Political culture= shared way of life with regard to politics
Almond(1956) – Political culture “…a particular pattern of orientations to political action”
Johnston: political culture is the “collective political consciousness of a polity,” which
“encompasses many elements concerning the intellectual dispositions (belief, attitudes, values)
that people have about politics” (187-188)
Beliefs- collective knowledge about politics
Attitudes= emotional dispositions/outlooks to political objects
Values= Normative ideas about the political world
Three types of political culture?
Almond & verba: surveyed 1000 citizens of each 5 different countries and classified results in 3
Parochial: people tend to be “unaware or dimly aware of the political system in all of its aspects”
Subject: People except goods and services from the government but do not expect to have any
input in government decisions
Participant: people are aware and informed about the political system, and feel they can play an
active role in it
What is ideology?
Terrence ball’s working definition:
-“ A fairly coherent and comprehensive set of ideas that explains and evaluates social
conditions, helps people understand their place in society, and provides a program for social
and political action”
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