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Lecture 5

POLS 3470 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Independent Business, Business Roundtable, Transportation Security Administration

Political Science
Course Code
POLS 3470
Tim Mau

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Week 2- Sept. 21
Lecture 5
Business- Government Relations in Comparative Perspective
American Model
Key characteristics
o Most capitalist country in the world- minor crown
corporations, many more privately owned corporations vs.
publically owned than Canada
o No successful social democratic party (SDP was created in the
UK, centrist to use redistribution of wealth and collective
bargaining via the state and shares qualities with
communism) has ever developed a significant following, no
one has every challenged the capitalist model
o Weak Unions (only 11.1% of the workforce in 2015)
Labour is not very strong and organized in the states
Republicans- less social (opposed gay marriage, oppose
abortion, promote gun rights, oppose unions), cut taxes
for everyone
Democrats- more social, cut taxes on middle and lower
class, raise of wealthy class, strict gun control,
progressive with abortion and gay marriage rights
o Limited government spending
Unlike Canada which will turn to the state to address
issues, the US government will not always step in to
provide financial support for issues
o Small welfare state (the state plays a key role in the
protections and promotion of social and economic well-being
of its citizens)
Obama Care- Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
(2010)- provides incentives to businesses to provide
health insurance for employees
o Few Nationalized Industries- state owned enterprises crown
2001- Transportation Security Administration (one of
USA’s crown corps as a result of the terrorist attacks
9/11)- agency of the U.S<- Department of Homeland
2008- Bail out of Fanny May and Freddy Mack
American Exceptionalism
o Unique historical development of the US- immerging as a new
state when capitalism was establishing itself as dominant,
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