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Lecture 27

POLS 3470 Lecture Notes - Lecture 27: Robert D. Putnam, Professional Association, Critical Role

Political Science
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POLS 3470
Tim Mau

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Lecture 27
Nov. 21st
Society: The Third Pillar
The non Public or Private sector)
o Business and government must cooperate to solve societies
Three Pillars:
o Government (State / Public)
o Business (Market/Private)
o Voluntary (Third/non-profit)- increasingly important
Public Sector restructuring- shift from government to governance
o Governance- shared responsibility between government,
voluntary sector and private sector partners because the
government can’t do it alone- places big pressure on
voluntary sector
o Governments are doing less; abdicating responsibility for
many programs and services- government not doing as much
or spending as much money
Changes to third sector financing by Harper government
(2011) 2006 cut goods and services tax by 2% which
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cut government revenue by billions of dollars, less
money for programs and services
Audits of charitable organizations (2012)- aggressively
auditing to ensure compliance with CRA- were the
audits politically motivated?
o Non-profits expected to fill the breach- do they have the
capacity to step into the breach??
Downloading to the third sectors
Contracting the size and scope of the state is problematic
State downloads programs to nonprofit sector, which is prone to
several failures
o Philanthropic insufficiency- needs of society are too great
o Philanthropic particularism
o Philanthropic paternalism-
o Philanthropic amateurism- they rely on people that are
amateurs that are paid very little or nothing- volunteers
Intention is to create “social capital”
Social capital- builds community resources (networks, norms and
trust); fosters citizenship & participation
o Does downloading build or undermine social capital?
Commercialization of the welfare state
Third Sector
Robert Putnam (Bowling Alone)- decline in citizen participation in
social, political and religious organizations
Third Sector Trends
Canadian situation somewhat better, but still cause for concern
o Citizen needs increasing
o Fewer donations annual donations dropped for first time in
30 years
o 80-20 rules (82% of donations from top 25% of donors)
o Fewer volunteers, volunteering more hours ad more
transitory involvement
o Intense competition for resources
o Wealthy are targeting donations to causes that affect/benefit
them ex. health care
o Organizations becomes more dependent on government
Defining the Third Sector
National survey of non-profit and voluntary organizations identify
several criteria:
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