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University of Guelph
PSYC 1000
Anneke Olthof

Social Thinking and Perception Attributions • Judgements about causes of our own and other people’s behaviour and outcomes • There are two types of attributions ➡ Dispositional (internal) attributions • People’s behaviour is caused by their inner traits ➡ Situational (external) attributions • Aspects of a situation causes behaviour • Fundamental attribution error ➡ When explaining other people’s behaviour, we tend to: • Underestimate the impact of situational factors • Overestimate the role of dispositional factors • When explaining own behaviour ➡ Self-serving bias • More dispositional attributions fo successes • More situational attributions for failures • Strengths depend on psychological state and culture Attitudes • Positive of negative evaluative reactions toward a stimulus • Supported by personal beliefs and values • Attitudes have the strongest influence on behaviour when: • Situational factors are weak ➡The attitude is stable ➡The attitude is specific to the behaviour ➡The attitude is easily recalled • Behaviour influences attitudes in three ways ➡ The foot in the door phenomenon A political campaigner ask if you will open the door which leads to you agreeing to sign • something and then making a small contribution • Tendency to be more likely to agree to a large request after agreeing to a small • People adjust their attitudes along with their actions ➡ The effects of role playing • When we play a role, even if we know is it just pretending. We eventually adopt the attitudes that go with the role, and become the role ➡ Cognitive dissonance • We strive for consistency in cognitions • Dissonance leads to motivation o change our attitudes to fit our a
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