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Lecture 4

PSYC 2390 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Groupthink

Course Code
PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

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You work better when you’re a cohesive group
Group Polarization
When the initial tendencies of group members become more extreme
following group discussion
o Risky Shift: a process by which groups tend to make risker decisions
than individuals would make alone
o Two explanations for it;
Hear more persuasive arguments
Intensifying their views through agreements
Support for your view
Learn Group norms
Prior to group discussion we may have an inaccurate
understanding of the group members views on a topic
Both positions geld and its strength and such
discussions can therefore increase how accurately we
perceive their views
A group decision making style that is characterized by an excessive tendency
among group members to seek concurrence, consensus, and unanimity as
opposed to making the best decision
o Can lead group members with discrepant views to avoid stating them
for fear of rejection from the group
Contribution to the US decision to invade Iraq
Overestimate Invulnerability and Morality
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