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Lecture 2

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PSYC 2450
Anneke Olthof

LECTURE 21WHAT IS THEORYSet of concepts and propositions that describe organize and explain a set of observationsGood theories are parsimonious consist of one statement with as few exceptions and conditions as possible are falsifiable should be able to generate questions and proved wrongright through testing and heuristic stimulate a lot of researchHypothesis is a proposition made based on limited evidence as a starting point for further investigationHow to build a theoryhypothesis2ISSUES IN HUMAN DEVELOPMENTANATURE vs NURTURENatures effects as products of genetic inheritanceNurtures effects as products of experienceHow do the two interact continuously as humans developBACTIVE vs PASSIVEActive development indicates that child contributes actively to own developmentIe seeks stimulus and is responsible to carry on doing soPassive development indicates that child is a sponge and simply absorbs what is in their environment they have no input on their developmentCCONTINUITY vs DISCONTINUITYContinuous development is additive and gradual is more of a fluid transitionDiscontinuous development occurs in clear discrete stages3THEORETICAL VIEWPOINTS IN DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGYAPSYCHOANALYTIC VIEWPOINTPsychoanalysisdefinition of personality organization and dynamics of personality developmentFREUDS PSYCHOSEXUAL THEORYSex to himbodily functions ie thumb sucking breast feeding urination defecationConflicting process where child wants to fulfill innate sexual desire as opposed to following the demands of society family etc3 COMPONENTS OF PERSONALITYID we are born with it this is the unconscious aspect of the mind that wants to satisfy its biological needs immediatelyEGO is the rational conscious component of the mind that reflects the ability to remember learn and thinkSUPER EGO which comes around 36 years of age is the moral side that provides moralistic insight in various situationsFREUDS STAGES OF PSYCHOSEXUAL DEVELOPMENTStageAge yearsDescription Oral01Children derive pleasure from oral stimulation ie
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