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PSYC 2650
Scott Brandon

Word Superiority Effect -A single letter is more accurately recognize ZAPS Word Superiority Experiment -The results of the ZAPS experiment replicate the basic word superiority finding ZAPS Feature Net Stimulation and the Interpretation of the ZAPS Word Superiority Results Reisberg’s Feature Net Model and the ZAPS Feature Net Stimulation -Words are more likely than single letters to activate bigram detectors -A letter is better recognized in a word because it receives more overall activation -Letter recognition when letter displayed alone= feature + letter activation + weak bigram activation -Letter recognition when letter displayed in the context of a word= feature + letter + strong bigram activation Bottom up vs Top down Processing Bottom-up: Activation from the most primitive units (features) to higher order units (letters, bigrams, words) in the pattern recognition hierarchy Top-down: Activation flows from complex, higher order units in the pattern recognition hierarchy (words) to lower order units (bigrams, letters, features) Alternative Models of the Word Superiority Effect Feature Net vs Interactive Activation The Reisberg’s Feature Net Model and the ZAPS Feature Net simulation involve bottom-up processing -The flow of activation is from features to bigrams to words McClelland and Rumelhart’s (1981) Interactive Activation Model -Involves both bottom- up and top-down -Flow of activation is from features to letters to words and then from words to letters -Also involves excitatory and inhibitory influences on recognition -Letters are better recognized in words because words provide more top-down activation to the letters -Feedback from the word to the letter level (dashed lines) increases the activation of the letters Subtraction Technique Used to Assess Reading Skill with fMRI Visual processing: Do the ori
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