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Lecture 8


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PSYC 2740
Steven Seah

PSYC 2740—LECTURE EIGHT Psychoanalytic theory and personality Dynamics of personality  When there is an interaction between ego, id, superego  Freud said were 3 types of anxiety o Objective anxiety—real threat  E.g. if get pop quiz, unexpected and affects grade o Neurotic anxiety—id-ego conflict  E.g. someone on date wants to say something to avoid silence but may be embarrassing so ego stops from o Moral anxiety—ego-super ego conflict  E.g. eating disorder—not living up to certain body type because that’s image that have for selves but know it’s not healthy. o ***here, function geo is it minimize anxiety and cope with threats via defense mechanism Defense mechanisms  Repression—preventing unacceptable thoughts, feelings, urges from reaching conscious awareness  Denial—insisting that things are not as they seem by refusing to see facts o E.g. dan with tasha—doesn’t realize how manipulative and sick she is.  Displacement—a threatening/unacceptable impulse is directed from source to non- threatening target o Freud thought would come come and take out on something/someone that is much less threatening than source (e.g. boss who is treating you like shit)  Rationalization—generating acceptable reasons for outcomes that otherwise appear socially unacceptable  Reaction formation—to reduce an urge, one may show an opposite reaction o E.g. shanna with water, rather than confronting her, I just kept filling it myself  Projection—project own unacceptable desires, urges/ qualities onto others o Related to false consensus effect o E.g. if cheat, justify by saying other people do so may be more acceptable  Sublimation—channeling unacceptable instincts into socially desirable activity o Again, occurring at UNCONSCIOUS level Psychosexual stages of development  Fixation occurs when a conflict occurs at that stage  Oral stage o 0-18 months o Mouth is main source of pleasure o Id wants pleasure and wants immediately o Conflict—weaning  Whether child can change from bottle to breast, if can successfully wean, then will develop sense of independence  Anal stage o 18 months-3 o Main source of pleasure comes from expelling or retaining feces  Conflict—can arise around self-control  Based on whether or not can successfully potty train and if can then may NEED more control over situations and be more organized  Phallic stage
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