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CHAPTER 10Psychoanalytic Approaches Contemporary IssuesThe NeoAnalytic MovementToday psychoanalysis is bets thought of as a theory containing ideas variously inspired by Freud but modified and advanced by others Westen defines contemptorary psychoanalysis as being bacsed on the 5 following postulates1 The unconscious still plays a large role in life although it may not be the ubiquitous influence that Freud held it was 2 Behaviour often relflects compromises in conflicts between mental processes such as emotions motivations and thoughts3 Childhood plays an important part in personlaity development particularly in terms of shaping adult relationship styles4 Mental representations of the self and relationships guide our interactions with others5 Personality development involves not just regulating sexual and aggressive feelings but also moving from an immature socially dependent way of relating to others to a mature independent relationship styleREPRESSION AND CONTEMPORARY RESEARCH ON MEMORYThere are conflicting opinions among psychologists with regards to the issue of motivated repressionoSome say the evidence for repression is overwhelming and obviousoOthers say the concept of repression has not been validated with experimental researchElizabeth Loftus discussed many cases of individuals who suddenly recover memories of important eventsoSome of these turn out to be true while others are falseinaccurate accounts which are later recanted false memoriesFactors that may influence people to have false memories includeoPopular press books that are meant to be help guides for survivors could provide strong suggestions that abuse could have happened even if it didntoThe behaviour of some therapistsEx hypnosis is used to get patients to recall childhood experiences but literature shows that hypnosis doesnt improve memory and may actually be associated with increased memory distortionThe imagination inflation effectHaving people imagine various events can lead them to later rate those memories as more familiar leading subjects to have a more elaborate memory representation which in turn leads them to rate those imagine events as likely to have happenedOccurs when a memory is elaborated upon through imagination leading the person to confuse the imagine event with the events that actually happenedTherapists can suffer confirmatory biasTendency to look only for evidence that confirms a previous hunch and not to look for evidence that might disconfirm their beliefCONTEMPORARY VIEWS ON THE UNCONSCIOUS
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