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PSYC 3100
Hank Davis

PSYC 3100 – Week 11 Lecture 17 – November 12 Finish Chapter 12 (Mating) - Seems that female humans have cryptic ovulation - Last time suggested cryptic ovulation in human females maybe one of reasons why monogamy evolved o Men don‟t know when females ovulating, so they just keep trying (lots of sex) - Hard to look at this from POV of „well, what‟s the goal of all of this‟ = goal is sex without conception (pleasure), but remember that natural selection is not really interested in your orgasms, it doesn‟t care that you‟re having fun o Avoidance of pregnancy and having fun is not goal, conception is! - Women who don‟t want babies (either sterilized or on IUV‟s) are still 25% more likely to have intercourse during what would have been ovulation time of cycle. Why? More attractive to partners? Hornier? Even when steps are taken to avoid conception, almost as if nature is still lobbying for success o Left trying to account for circulating estrogen levels increased during this time of cycle (could lead to changes in waist- hip ratio, but men don‟t notice that) - Possible that women (who can detect ovulation) send out more sexual signals (which men can detect) - Strip Club o When menstruating tips go down to $35/hr, when ovulating tips are approximately $70/hr  WHY?  Some men say they are aware of/can tell when women are ovulating/menstruating - Prof used to smell top of girlfriends head (hair) because she had irregular periods and would ask him when she was going to get her period - Dormitory affect – women living within close proximity menstruate and ovulating at roughly the same time (usually after 10-12 weeks) o Can result in synchronous births, would be good idea if loss or death of mother, so infant would be around other caregivers/lactating females o Replicated in mice and other species – not just humans Male short-term sexual strategies, try to have sex as much as they can - Downside o STD‟s o Reputation (especially in small social groups) o If you spread your resources too thin your offspring are going to die because you cannot support them o Fathers/Brothers (from nuclear families) – entire cultures where this is ritualized o Possibility of retaliatory affairs by your partner or however many partners or costly divorce (real consequences) Ron Immerman - STD‟s behind monogamy - They‟ve been a powerful force in pushing evolution into monogamy o “I‟ll never do „it‟ again” (whatever „it‟ is) - STD‟s direct cause of major reproductive loss (fertility decreased, infant mortality increased) (risk of STD‟s increases with number partners) o Go back to Pleistocene - Used the recent AIDS epidemic and argued that you don‟t even have to know about it/understand it Very hard to collect data
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