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Nov. 7, 2012 - Many people believe in demonic position (position by demons) as cause of abnormal behaviour o There are cultures where that is the dominant explanation - Most would prefer medical model of abnormal behaviour as disease/sickness o There is a tremendous similarity between using medical model and those who use demonic possession o Responsibility is gone blame on internal or external causes beyond our control o We have more responses to this dimension - Mental illness (vs. abnormal behaviour) prejudges the case abnormal behaviour = normal can be strictly statistical (most people don’t do that) - Our attitudes relate to beliefs about the genesis of things i.e. if have medical condition for being fat = mitigated feelings - Only previous agreement in DSM (b/w mental illness and abnormal behaviour) = Freud o DSM = economically driven - Evolutionary accounts of weird/abnormal behaviour o (1) Weird/abnormal is not disorder they are adaptive defenses o Parallel = fever/pain adaptive = Darwinian medicine = feel crappy but serve purpose o (2) abnormal behaviour = side effects of genes that do hold fitness  May select for phenotype, but dragging genotype into next generation! o (3) looking at effects of frequency dependent selection  i.e. sociopathy terrific strategy if have selfish point of view; do well in group mostly of non-sociopaths thrive off innocence and naiveness  in group of sociopaths = get ass kicked because they know o (4) abnormal behaviour results from absence or malfunction of particular module (i.e. Autism missing module) o (5) Mismatch between present and ancestral environment (i.e. ADHD in kids selected in Pleistocene; evaluated today)  i.e. some anxiety disorders o (6) abnormal maladaptive behaviour that you’re looking at represents extreme of distribution of polygenic trait what you’re looking at in the crazy behaviour is way off the optimal value of that trait (not enough or too much of some trait = abnormal behaviour) - With natural selection work on average but there will always be examples of it that don’t work - You always find that 60% of monkey colony are normal o 20% shy, depressed, behaviourally inhibited stable between time and colonies o 20% impulsive, aggressive o seem undesirable, but phenotype persist in population at stable rate due to variation (best thing a species can have going for them; aka heritable diversity)  environment may change these behaviours adapt o at present, these extremes = “Bad news” abnormal  bad for individual, good for species group selection - depression = very common; evolutionarily can be seen as a reasonable time out withdr
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