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Lecture 11

PSYC 3300 Lecture 11: Psychology of Gender

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PSYC 3300
Paula Barata

Psychology ofGender March 29, 2017 Relationships and Health Marriage and Intimate Relationships Marriage correlates positively with physical and mental health o Husbands benefit more than wives o Wives have a 50 higher protection from mortality compared to single women o Husbands have a 250 higher protection from mortality compared to single men BUT unhealthy marriages correlate negatively with physical and mental health especially for wives Lesbian and Gay Marriages Marriage benefit has been used as an argument that gay men and lesbian women are being deprived of something that could benefit their wellbeing because they arent allowed to marry Wienke Hill (2009) partnered gays + lesbians were less happy than married heterosexuals, no difference between heterosexuals cohabiting and partnered gays and lesbians, no selfreported health differences Ellen et al. (2010) less stress, depressive symptoms, internalized homophobia, and more meaning in life o Legally recognized > committed > single Social Factors that Impact Marital Benefits Social support o Wives provide emotional support to husbands that may not get it elsewhere o Wives have access to social support from other networks Help seeking o Wives urge husbands to seek medicalmental care Healthy habits o Wives urge husbands to maintain proactive health habits Caregiving o Wives are more likely to provide caregiving (e.g. cardiovascular rehabilitation, diabetes management, etc.) Financial support o Husbands make more money than wives Social status o Marriage is a privilegesocial status that not everyone has, because it is traditional and valued in society, having it provides a benefit
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