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PSYC 320
Barbara Ehlting

Chapter 13 Health and FitnessHeadline Why Marriage Is Good Medicine for Men 332James Bond wouldnt have lived past 40 something not just because of the death traps and vodka martinis but also because he wasnt married As an unmarried man he would be vulnerable to both poorer health and a shorter life Mens health is benefited more by marriage than women however women see the benefits more than men do Women provide emotional support and monitor their husbands both of which are important for health Wives monitoring of their husbands habits and urging them to seek medical attention when necessary is sometimes called nagging and is the butt of many jokes but it actually benefits mens health The quality of a marriage is related to health Good marriages benefit the health of both partners Bad marriages may be detrimental to the health of both partners Marriage itself is not the benefit instead caring relationships provide a framework for healthy living including benefits for physical health and a longer lifeMortality No Equal Opportunity 333 Mortality DeathMorbidity IllnessThe phrase women are sicker men die quicker means women have a higher morbidity but a lower mortality The longer life expectancy of women isnt a recent development nor is it restricted to any one ethnic group Figure 131 on page 334 highlights this difference note the difference in whites and nonwhites life expectancies as well The female gender role permits sickness to be acknowledged more than the male gender role providing one possible explanation for womens higher morbidity rates Women also tend to monitor their own health more vigorously than men do and seek health care when they perceive a problem Thus women seek and receive more health care than men which may relate to their lower mortality rates women are better at prevention Women also practice better health behaviours
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