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Lecture 12

PSYC 3300 Lecture 12: Psychology of Gender

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PSYC 3300
Paula Barata

Psychology ofGender April 5, 2017 Sexual Violence Women report more violent crimes committed by an intimate partner Men report more violent crimes committed by a stranger 83 of violence against women is committed by men 76 of violence against men is committed by men Women experience sexual assault more than men Men are more likely to be victim of physical assault Physical assault is more common for men AND women Violent victimization: 1155100k men, 1150100k women Men are more likely to be murdered than women Sexual Assault and Sexual Coercion Unwanted verbal and physical tactics to engage in sexual activity (after an initial refusal) o Sometimes including sexual arousal tactics, manipulation, and persistent pleading o Acquiescence not willing, but will go along anyways Sexual coercion is more of an umbrella term and sexual assault is more physical and aggressive But sexual coercion can be a more mild form of sexual assault (as the umbrella term) *Use of intoxicants or taking advantage of an intoxicated person Threatened or actual physical force Labelling Rape Wood Rennie (1994) Looked at how women label rape Demonstrated that it is not straightforward for women, given that most sexual assault occurs within an intimateacquaintancedating relationship Heterosexual scripts about sex conflict with the definition of rape that is projected by the media Measuring Sexual Assault Sexual Experiences Survey (Koss et al., 2007) o 7 types of sexual behaviours x 5 different coercive strategies Behaviours: Oral sex, anal sex, etc. Strategies: Threatening, physical force, etc. o Use the following strategy choices (when circled by participant) to define a rape: C. Taking advantage of me when I was too drunk or out of it to stop what was happening D. Threatening to physically harm me or someone close to me
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