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SOAN 2040 Sept 22 Lecture

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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2040

Sept 22 Thurs SOAN 2040 Globalization Work and OrganizationThe expansion of those engaged in the increasing variety of occupations encouraged the establishment of craft and other specialist work associations the premodern equivalent of trade unions membership of which was open to both men and womenIt was at this historical juncture that the important distinction between a productive class of people who worked fro a living and a nonproductive parasitic leisure class reached its fullest developmentIn this society according to Veblans o There are upper class and male dominated leisure class occupations such as govt warfare and religious observance concerned with predatory nonindustrial activities and are accorded the highest social honourThen there are the lower class and female dominated productive activities such aso Farming and craft work which are considered ignoble dishonourable according to the standards of the leisure class th The guilds reached their climax in Europe in the 13 cent although they were known considerably before then and indeed have not vanishes from the world todayThe most important guilds were o The religious fraternities having mainly benevolent and protective function o The craft guild s and the merchant guildsThe craft guilds concerned themselves with manufacturing goods or dispensing servicesThe merchant guilds regulated conditions of sale and the economic life the medieval to
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