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mental illness and disorders

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SOC 2070
Norman Dubeski

November 232011 Social Deviance Mental illness and Mental Disorders o often stigmatizeswe fear what we dont understand o people with mental problems portrayed negatively o once mental problems were seen as acts of gods in particular epilepsyo or seen as demonic possession o sometimes as products of sin o mental illness sometimes even thought to be contagious Untangling the Mind o Canadian doctor Lehmann pioneered the use of Largactilthorazine turning asylums from overfull snakepits into clean half empty wardso He was intrigued because drug was described as chemical lobotomy making patients tractableo He also performed labotomies without informed consent from the CIAs MCKULTRA projecto Drugs allowed many to lead normal livesDisorder vs Illnesso All mental illnesses are disorders but not all disorders are illnesseso Many disorders are impairments and dysfunctionso DSMIIV uses disorder for both impairments and illnesseso Differences are sometimes clear but can be a matter of degreeo Neurotic difficult to cope with reality o Psychotic what is realityy Dont see the world as everyone else doesMental DysfunctionImpairmentso Tourettes Syndrome o Epilepsy o Parkinsons lose control of motor functionso Senile dementia memory losso Amnesia memory loss o Retardation o Autism o Attention deficit hyperactivity disordero Narcolepsy fall asleepMental Illnesses o Schizophrenia dysfunction of the brain involving neurotransmitterso Bipolar manic depression
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