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Lecture 4

SOC2080 Week 4 Jan 31 Lecture ntoes

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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

SOC 2080 WEEK 4 Jan 31 TuesStruggle to Institutionalize Agrarian Interest ContextLimited success of ProgressivesManifest evidence of corporate concentration in input and output sectors Roy Comm on price SpreadsFailure of free market mechanisms o Rich get richer others increase as wellHowever majoritys were not increasing oFew ppl controlled key aspects of the economyPressure on govt tot deal w the farmers complaints Option of Orderly MarketingFarmers wanted stability and protection from much stronger economic actorsOpposed what they called destructive competition o To farmers and also a lot of businesses Orderly marketing what it meant policies designed to achieve the maintenance of fair prices the regulation of supply the cultivation of demand and the improvement of qualityConservative govt at the time not wanting to step into the economy o Began to see and realized their politics dependent on responding to outcry for change began to respond o Saw there was value in some sort of orderly market o 37 tories out and liberals more for free market than even the tories wereNational Products Marketing Act of 1934Set back w the election of
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