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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

March 6 2012 Food insecurity strips away the positive social cultural and symbolic aspects of food and eating substitution them wanxiety shame isolation deprivation stress and indignityDr Elaine Power Hunger and Food Security in Canada Extent of the Problem little evidence of a food scarcity problem between End of depression and 1980sfirst food bank established in 1981 by 1997 there were 500 food banks 99 increase in food bank use since 1989 what changed by 1990sfood banks originally an emergency response to crisis now institutionalized considered normal what does this say about us we have come to accept it dont think twice about them Who uses food banks Daily Bread survey typical user is between 3040 years old ie the most productive years of ppls lives 55 are women children are at more than twice the risk than adults in terms of depending upon food banks38 of users are children single parent families at highest risk but 45 of families using food banks are two parent majority have lost a job win 2 years most recipients who receive welfare are not longterm welfare recipients rather shortterm
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