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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

Spatial Colonization of Food Environments central contradiction degradation of diets amid unprecedented cornucopia of healthy foodstuffs presently available to manyargument spatial colonization of pseudo food corporations help us understand this contradiction policies to address current health crisis Historical context prolonged process of enclosureurbanizationbreakdown of unity of productionconsumptiondeclining control over foodpossibilities for restructuring dietsshifting trend in food consumptionfor profit sphere further loss of control over preparationingredient quality critical concepts pseudo foods differential profits market concentration mass advertising and product differentiation spatial colonizationPseudo Foods high sugarfatsalt low in protein vitamins and minerals exceptions dont help with your health in any waysugar or fat as first or second ingredientmore including concepts that junk foods Why there are food in supermarkets that ppl dont consider junk food but still dont do any good for your health ie many juice products presweetened breakfast cerealsDifferential Profits low profit commodity items bread milk eggs etcloss leaders to get you in the store high profit value added products prep dinners frozen fas
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