SOC 2390 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Justin Trudeau, Social Inequality, Private School

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SOC 2390: Class and Stratification: Lecture Notes: September 10th, 2018
How being rich is a super-power
Less stressno need to worry about home repairs, parking tickets
Powerinfluence with law enforcement
Social inequality
Refers to the difference that become socially structured
Structured inequality involves a process in which groups or individuals with attributes
are more able than those without these attributes to control or shape rights and
opportunities = stratification
o Systems of social inequality
o Divisions and relationships that sediment differences
o The strata/distinctions between who gets what, when, and why.
Advantaged groups have greater access to various rewards and privileges in society
o these advantages secure future advantages and patterns of social inequality are
the study of social inequality often challenges concepts of meritocracy under democracy
o technically, Canada is a country where any individual can work hard to get
ahead (aka everyone has access to education)
o there are no formal or explicit rules that prevent certain groups from rising to
the top (aka democracy)
o but does this adequately explain the difference in life chances between a teen
living on a reserve and Justin Trudeau?
Justin Trudeauconnection between Leadership and Lineage
What sort of advantages happened:
Family status
Exposed to power and political life
Moneyrunning a political campaign is an expensive thing
Private school education (right opportunities
Access to a political network (right friends)
Alignment with dominant political values and identity
Familiarity with customs and rituals of power (knows how to act
the part)
Social inequality is produced through a combination of:
Economic control
Political control
Ideological control
The combined effects of these types of control give rise to understanding social
inequality as dimensions of disadvantage
Why is class important?
Class identifies importance of material deprivation or privilege to quality of life
The WAS a key insight to the growth of sociology as a discipline
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