SOC 2760 Lecture 11: Activity 3.3

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Activity 3.3
1. FBI statistics for 2012 indicated that 14,827 individuals in the United
States were murdered. How does this number compare to the total
number of victims of homicide in Canada in 2007?
The number of homicides in Canada is a much smaller number than
14,827 there were a total of 594 homicides in 2007. Since the population
of the United States is higher than Canada the number of rate homicides
are bound to be higher.
2. The FBI reports the murder rate for 2012 as 4.7 per 100,000 people.
Using the formula, calculate the homicide rate for Canada and indicate
how it compares to the homicide rate for the United States. (Hint: the
population at risk is the population of Canada in 2012).
A crime rate is calculated by multiplying the number of reported crimes
by the total population divided by 100,000. The population of Canada in
2012 was 34.75 million. 543 is the number of reported crimes. Homicide
rate = 543/ (34.75 million/100,000) = 1.56.
The rate of crime is lower than the rate in the US, but considering the
population of US is higher than Canada the rate is likely to be higher as
3. FBI statistics indicate that the homicide rate peaked in the United
States in 1991 at 9.8 per 100,000. According to Homicide in Canada,
2012, in what year did Canada’s homicide rate peak? (Hint: when was it
at its highest?)
The homicide rate in Canada peaked to 3.0 per 100,000 in 1975.
4. The Global Index on Homicide 2013 found that urban areas have
higher rates of homicide than rural areas. Focusing on the five largest
cities in Canada, is the same true in this country?
I found that it was in fact the opposite in Canada, seeing that four urban
areas of the five largest cities; Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, and
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