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SOC 3710
Bill O' Grady

thJan 10 Lecture The Social Context of Youth Crime Why treat youth as youth Age 1217 Three categories Children u12 youth 1217 adults 18 Children vs Adults Children lack knowledge of what they are doing do not understand the consequences of their actions not as morally developed Youth vs Adults notions of accountability responsibility physical and mental maturity How do we arrive at these categories oFactorsEducation level primary school vs high schoolRights of passage drinking tobacco use voting rights ability to gamble right to leave the home Easier access to these rightsoThese categories are culturally negotiated and sensitive to cultural and historical contexts Media depictions Youth crime in crises Youth crime is a bigger problem today than it was 20 years ago Youth crime that is typically reported is violent related to gang crime shootings sexual assaults drug useHowever most youth crime is not violent Most of it is property or drug crime Is this a problem oFreedom of press freedom of speech If we understand youth crime as violent what affect does that hasoAffects public opinion how we understand the nature of youth crime how we react to youth crime The media reinforces our understanding of youth crime and plays on people fears presents youth crime in a stereotypical way that is different from official statistics Rates of drug use Canadian Centre for Drug AddictionoExamining it from 1997 2012Trend is decreasing same with alcohol use How crime is best reacted to oCommon responsesThe justice system is too lenient on youth crime the need for more punitive measures want more accountability public wants more retribution deterrent effect Three aspects of deterrence oGeneral vs SpecificoSwiftness caught and processed quickly certainty most effective certainty of getting caught they are less likely to commit a crime if their chances of getting caught are high rational choice Emerged during the
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