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SOC 4010
Norman Dubeski

SOC 4010 Lecture 1 Sept 10, 2013 Movie: Insights into Violence  To understand violence we need to study and see it from several different aspects and ways ( the theories of violence)  How does society effect violence  Childhood? o Do some people learn to be violent  Context of situations  Beliefs  Choice  Anne Campbell o Origins lie in the interactions between culture and biology o Obedience, how it can be positive for a nation o Always looks at violence and the victim  Social stuff can change biological pre-dispositions  Not just biology or environment, it’s the mixing of both together Lecture:  Common sense point of view only gets you so far and helps you assume something is normal, where as that is not always the truth o There isn’t really any normal, because what is normal changes over time and space o Doesn’t deal well with things that are new o Also, they are not usually experts o But some common sense theories accept some level of violence as normal, and also do not do well with the new or unprecedented  We now reject some of the religious approaches like possession, evil person, and the devil made me do it  Classical free will approach: we have kind of stepped away from this, but it is coming back with the rational choice theory  Philosophical theories: o Looks at the big picture and human nature o Hanna Arendt o Do not start with it o What are we o Seen some great thinkers coming out of here and also going back to  Genetic: o Racism in the past o Individualistic, als
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