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Lecture 7

ANTH 1210 Lecture 7: Lecture 7

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

lOMoARcPSD987298 5888 Scientific method: way of gathering and evaluation information involving questioningdoubting and skepticism (show me the evidence) 5889 Continuous series of inquires (questions) 5890 No idea is proven for all time understanding continuously improves and becomes more complex (tries to correspond to reality) 5891 Basic components of science: theory, hypothesis, and data 5892 Scientific method: ask a qudo background reseaconstruct a hypothesis test hypothesis (experianalyze data and draw conclusion report results 5893 Theory: 5888 A broad explanationgeneralization about a phenomenon (usually un testable) 5889 Must be validated by hypothesis testing (needs to be falsified) if bad, must eliminate from consideration, do this with hypothesis 5894 Hypothesis: 5888 Scientific method: creates and tests hypothesis 5889 Must be testable 5890 Must correspond to reality 5891 Statement of relationships between variables (if then) 5892 Cannot fully prove (can be rejected for lack of evidence or can be supported if the data are in favor) 5895 Data: 5888 Facts (artifacts, bones measurements 5889 Necessary to test hypothesis 5896 Cycle of scientific method: ohypothesexperimenanalysis (support or reject hypotnew hypothesexperiment, etc 5897 Science: tells us what is possible 5898 Religion: tells us what to believe LECTURE 4: History of Evolutionary Thought:
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