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Lecture 34

ANTH 1210 Lecture 34: Lecture 34

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

oS82 KAr similar to C14 dating Statistically based on radioactive decay K40 (radioactive form) decays to Ar40 (nonradioactive form) at a known rate Halflife of 1.3 billion years Ar40 = gas K40 = solid K40 is found in mantle of the earth (liquid below crust) Over time, decays into Ar40 Rises to surface with volcanic activity (lava) Result: Ar40 floats into atmosphere Only K40 left As lava cools, K40 continues to decay Ar40 trapped in newly cooled rock Measure amount in rock to date lava (ratio) figure out how old things are Resets clock: measuring moment since cooling of rock Useful on volcanic rock Date indirectly (layers between) No fossils in lava burned Halflife 1.3 billion years Useful from 300,000 several billion years Chronology: Study of Time 3 ways of measuring time: Biological History of life (era) Geological Rock layers (strata) Cultural Archaeologists Technology Biological: History of life divided into eras Each era dominated by different groups of organisms (animals and plants) Azoic: 4.53.5 BYA Zoic: Greek for life Azoic: absence of life Proterozoic: 3.5.6 BYA (600 MYA)
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